Frank Jiovani 

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Frank "The Shark" Jiovani

Career Stats:


Over 100 QMA Quarter Midget Feature Wins


6 MMRA Quarter Midget Club Championships
4 Tri-City Quarter Midget Championships
QMA Dirt Grand Nationals Runner-up (2000)
3 US Legends Feature wins
2 ARCA Street Stock wins

2010 ARCA Street Stock 

"Rookie of the Year"

2012 ARCA DTS Street Stock A Main Champion

2013 Outlaw Super Late Model

"Rookie of the Year"

5x ARCA Outlaw Late Model Feature Winner

2017 ARCA Gold Cup Champion

2018 Back2Back ARCA Gold Cup Champion

2019 Flat Rock Outlaw Late Model Champion

Driver name: Frank Jiovani
Nickname: The Shark
Height: 5'10
Weight: 175
Twitter: @frank_jiovani
Instagram: jiovani_racing

Hometown: St. Clair Shores, MI
Home Track or Series: ARCA, Flat Rock Speedway

Years racing:: 25
How did you get your start racing? At the age of 4, my Grandpa Jerry, my dad and I went out to the Oakland County Sportsman Club in Waterford, MI to look at a road racer for my dad. A quarter midget track is setup right in front of the road course, so we stopped in to take a look. My dad asked me if I would like to race these midget cars (what 4 year old would not), and the rest is history.

What drew you into Outlaw Super Late Model racing? Looking up to the drivers/teams that raced them as I traveled with the Michigan Legends series really drove me to one day race an Outlaw Late Model myself. Plus the sounds and smells!

Most memorable moment in racing: Qualifying in the G main at the quarter midget dirt nationals in Hagerstown MD, and racing up to finish 2nd in the A Main.
Biggest win: Winning the 2012 ARCA Street Stock Championship at Flat Rock Speedway

Favorite driver of all time to watch: Ayrton Senna

Was there a driver that you really admired and why? Tony Stewart, because of his talent on any type of track in any car.

Who is your on track rival? I haven't had a rival in a long time.

Most embarrassing moment in racing: First attempt at a race win burnout.

What do you do while away from the track? I love to boat, fish, play around with R/C cars, and participate in IRacing.
Tell us about your first street car? 1998 Acura Vigor, it was quick!

What is something people at the track don't know about you? My interest with space and planets.

Who else would you like to thank? My family and friends that always support my racing dreams.